Working Principle of Aluminum Alloy Die Castings for New Energy Automobile Die Castings

2019-08-14 14:11

The process of mold forming, combined with die-casting machine and aluminum alloy is required. The principle of die-casting technology is to use high pressure to flow the liquid metal into the precision metal mold cavity at a high speed, and the liquid metal is cooled and solidified into castings under pressure. Cold and hot chamber die casting is two basic ways of die casting technology. In cold chamber die-casting, the metal liquid is poured into the pressing chamber by manual or automatic pouring device, and then the pressing punch moves forward to hydraulic pressure the metal into the cavity. In the hot chamber die casting process, the pressing chamber is perpendicular to the acupoint, and the metal liquid automatically flows into the pressing chamber through the feeding port on the pressing chamber. The pressure punch moves downward to push the metal liquid into the mold cavity through the gooseneck. After the metal liquid solidifies, open