Air tightness test method of new energy vehicle controller

2022-01-05 10:41

Aluminum alloy die castings are widely used in the new energy automobile industry, and the air tightness is one of the important indicators to measure their quality.
During the die casting process of the controller box, due to various reasons, the die casting of the box has cracks, sand holes, bubbles and other defects that can not be seen by the naked eye, causing leakage or water seepage of the box, greatly reducing the service life of the product and causing potential safety hazards. In order to ensure product quality, air tightness test is essential. Therefore, as a professional new energy vehicle controller shell production supplier, Hengyongxin continuously upgrades and updates the air tightness detection method of the controller box according to the actual production situation, playing an increasingly important role in ensuring product quality.
Air tightness test method:
(1) The air tightness test shall be carried out after the matching parts of the box are assembled;
(2) Carry out air tightness test with simple fixture. One side of the box cover plate is open, so the method of directly inflating the sealed side of the clamp is used for detection. The holes on the four sides of the box can be sealed with the cylinder auxiliary cover plate and the hole shaped sealing head, and then connected to the test port of the air tightness tester, and the test parameters are set to start the detection.
Judgment method for airtightness of box:
(1) Determine the test data of the air tightness tester. The sensor of the air tightness tester can automatically give the test result OK or NG according to the set parameters.
(2) The box can be sealed and inflated directly into the pool, and it is OK to observe that there is no bubbling, but NG bubbling.